Bid Sticky Total Feature

You are always able to see the total of the bid you are building in BidClips with the bid Sticky Total feature.

You will see a sticky total section in the bottom right corner of your screen that updates dynamically as you add/remove parts and labor, discounts, and add-ons; apply insurance to a bid; or modify travel zones. The new sticky total display will remain in the same location of your screen as you scroll up or down through the bid details page.

The sticky total could have three components depending on the bid you are building:

  • Total:  You will see only a Total displayed when service is offered solely at the shop and an insurance option is not offered. 
  • with Insurance Claim:  You will see this when an insurance option is offered in the bid.
  • Total with Travel Surcharge:  This portion of the display is shown only when service is offered at the customer's location.