Chat Overview

Learn about live chat in BidClips

Live Chat Overview

The BidClips platform and widget provides a real time live chat option for customers. A live chat can only be initiated by the user from the widget on the provider’s website. (Read our best practices guide on providing live chat)


How to live chat

When a live chat is initiated by a user on the widget, a chat icon will appear in the top right hand corner of the provider portal. Click on the chat icon to open the live chat area.

Once the chat area is open, type the message to the user in the text input area. Pictures or videos can also be sent by clicking on the paperclip icon. When done typing, tap ‘Enter’ or click the send arrow icon to send the message.


How to find customer details

During the chat, identify the person as a current/past customer by searching for the service request, bids, or past jobs.

{To do this, simply open the Bid Info menu and click the search button. This will open a pop up of service requests. Here, search for the user by name or service request number if it is available.}

Once a service request is selected, the associated customer information will show on the right hand sidebar.


Chat history

When a chat is finished a chat log will be generated with a record and timestamp of the conversation. To view the chat history, tap on the ‘Chat History’ button in the top right hand corner of the active chat area.