How to Resend a Service Request

Learn how to resend a BidClips service request to a customer for completion

Once a service request is created in the BidClips platform, users have the option to resend an entire journey template questionnaire to a customer for completion.  This option is typically used when you require a great deal of information about a service that was not gathered during the first contact with the customer or the initial online customer submission.

When you resend a service request to a customer for completion, it will move from incomplete or new status to draft status.  The service request will remain in draft status until the customer updates the journey template questions and submits the service request.  BidClips will send periodic reminders via email and text message to the customer to remind them that you are still waiting for them to fill out their service request information and submit it to you.

If a customer completes and submits the service request, designated member(s) of your organization will receive an email notifying you of the submission.  For more information regarding task and notification management in the BidClips platform, please refer to knowledge base articles on those topics.

How to resend a service request

  • Navigate to the service request you want to cancel
  • Click on the drop-down arrow on the actions button
  • Choose 'Resend' from the list of options
  • Service request will move to draft status