How to Preselect Add-Ons

Learn how to use add-ons to help sell your service

The BidClips platform now offers the incorporation of preselected add-ons in your bids. Using preselected add-ons are a great way to upsell customers during the sales process.  You will have two preselection options in BidClips:

  • Preselect the add-on and include it in the final total of the bid
  • Offer the add-on as a Feature at no cost to your customer

It is important to note that in addition to using preselected add-ons and features in individual bids, you will also be able to configure and utilize them with bid templates as well. 

Finally, all bids sent via the BidClips widget will now have the 'Addons'  and 'Features' sections opened  for the customer when they first view their bid.  This will offer more visibility to your add-on offerings when bids are viewed by your customers in the BidClips widget.  The increased visibility for your add-ons should result in more revenue obtained from those offerings. 

How to preselect an add-on 

  • Navigate to the 'Bid' screen by choosing 'Bids' from the main menu.
  • Search and select the bid you are looking for.
  • Open the 'Applicable / Available Add-Ons' section
  • Check an add-on to have it be preselected when a customer sees the bid or when you book for them in BidClips. Only checking this option will keep the price in the final total of the bill.
  • [Optional] If you want to include this add-on as a feature instead of charging the customer you can simply check-off include.

Here, option 1 (a Preselected Add-on) will be added to the final price of the bid and option 2 (a Feature) will be included at no cost to the customer.


Add-Ons and Features as they now appear in the BidClips Widget

Preselected Add-on:


Billing Summary (Preselected Add-on is included in total price, Feature is not):