How to Set Up a Provider Portal

Step by step instructions for creating a new shop in BidClips

BC Team: Initial Setup:

Click on the “Provider”  section on the left sidebar.

Enter Provider name/Affiliation (Shop owner, Franchisor, and/or Conglomerate).

Enter name of contact person, phone number and email address.

Next, assign a Franchisor/conglomerate (if applicable), add services and any notes that pertain to the Provider.

Press “Save” and follow the next step.


Provider: Initial Setup

After the provider is set up by BidClips Team, the welcome email is sent out to the main contact email. The welcome email will contain the steps for setting up a password.


The setup email will be titled “BidClips Account Activation”. Check the spam folder if it doesn't arrive right away.  

Once the email is opened, click the activation link to the password section.

Once the password site loads, enter the desired password and confirm it, then press save to complete.

In the next screen press the link that leads to the login page.


Provider: Adding Services to a Shop

To set up a shop with a list of provided services.

At least one shop needs to be setup. Please refer to this article for assistance on setting up a shop.

After the initial shop setup is complete. Services can be added by clicking “Add” by navigating to the Shop area under the Configure section of the menu.

Once in the shop section, a list of shops that have been that have been configured the provider login will appear.

To add or remove services from the desired shop, click on the wrench icon under the Action header of the shop list. On this page there will be two sections: One titled “Services Available for Addition”, which is the list of services that can be added to the shop and the other titled “Services Offered by Shop”, which is the list of services already added to the shop.

The list of services is predetermined based on the industry.

If a needed service is not listed, please click here and submit an “Add Service Request” to the BidClips team.


To add a service click on the checkbox in the first column of the “Services Available for Addition” table and click save.

Select as many services as needed to add to the shop.

The service(s) added will be automatically configured with shop pricing, scheduling settings, and default Journey Templates provided by the BidClips team.

To learn more about configuring these services please refer to this article.

To learn more about creating personalized journey templates please refer to this article.

Journey Templates can also come pre-populated with BidTips to help team members sell to customers.

For access to industry sourced and professionally created BidTips, please refer to the pricing plan.