How to create QR codes from BidClips Widget URLs

Any URL can be turned into a QR code. Once you learn how to build a URL to access the BidClips Widget directly, you can convert it to a QR code.

QR codes can be placed on physical marketing materials such as business cards, mailers, advertisements, etc. and easily accessed via the Camera app on iPhone or iPad devices.  Android device users must download a QR reader app in order to read the code.

Steps to create a QR code for your BidClips Widget URL:

  1. Build the BidClips Widget URL
  2. Enter the link into a QR Code generator (a free example is Unitag)
  3. Follow the instructions in the QR Code generator tool to generate and save the QR code
  4. QR code can be saved as a link
  5. QR code can be saved as an image to place on marketing materials