How to Update Form Questions

Understand how to change and update the questions in the journey template.

Form Questions (What are form questions?)

Form questions are a function of the journey template. They are components of the template slides.  When creating new form questions, click +

This button will open up the New Question menu.

From the main screen “Add new question section” choose the “Form” question form the options below:

After choosing the form question from the menu, fill out the top section.

Enter the form property (not seen by customers).  


Next, write the Question Title/Summary Text. This will appear at the top of the template (whether by phone or web). The question description will give further context to the summary text.  The “Help text for Question” is a guide to what the question is about and/or to give the question additional context.

Tip for the Question: This section is designed to guide or teach more about the question. Used for coaching (phone) and/or to give example “Tips” to the customer (web).


Form Question: Answer Section

There are several types of answer types to the form question. Choose the question answer type that best suits the question type.

Radio Button: This gives options to customize. Click the “add options” button to add options.

Checkbox: This allows the viewer to click an option.  

Text: This answer allows for a one line answer of text of number

Text Area: This answer allows for a paragraph or longer answer to the form question.


Map Type Question (To be Finished)

In the Question type menu, choose “Map Question”