How to update a Job's status

Learn what status codes are available for a BidClips job and how to update the property

BidClips can help you understand where a Job is in its lifecycle with statuses. Below are the statuses currently available (after the release of 1.9) in BidClips and how we define them:

  • New - Newly formed job, no one has yet to work on it
  • Pending - Pending items in order to be executed
  • In Progress - Physically in progress at the customer location
  • Work Done - Work is successfully executed
  • Invoiced - Final Invoice is sent to the customer
  • Completed - Job completed and all payments collected. This status code change can also trigger a Google Review follow-up email/text to be sent to a customer.
  • Canceled - The job is canceled

How to update a Job's status

To update a job's status, start by choosing Job from the main menu.

  • Click on the job from the list that you would like to update
  • Scroll down until you see the Status field
  • Click in the Status field and select the desired value


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