Messaging a customer

Messaging with full rich text is a great way to ask customers for additional information, clarify responses, or receive pictures/videos of the problems.

A message can be sent to customers after a service request in BidClips has been received or created. Messaging with full rich text is a great way to ask customers for additional information, clarify responses, or receive pictures/videos of the problems.



To send a message to a customer navigate to the service request menu. Choose the service request of the customer you are needing to send the message to.

Once you are in the service request scroll down to the messages section and make sure that the ‘Customer Messages’ tab is highlighted. In the text box type the message to the customer and tap "Send" or "Save Draft" to send the message later.

The message will generate either a text or email to the customer, depending on their preferences, with a link that will automatically open the BidClips widget on the provider site.



Pictures and videos can be sent by choosing the appropriate icon from the text box toolbar. Click on the selected icon and a pop up window will appear prompting you to upload an image/video from the computer or add an image/video from a link.

Once the image or video is uploaded it will automatically appear in the text box where description text and more can be added. Simply tap "Send" or "Save Draft" to send the message later.



To send a journey template to a customer via a message, start by navigating to the service request and scrolling to the journey template section.

Open the desired question to send and click on the share arrow in the top right hand corner.

If the question is a hotspot type question a pop-up window will appear to add a hotspot to the photo. To add the hotspot, start by typing a question or comment in the right hand text box. Click on the target icon and click on the photo to add the hotspot that corresponds to the text. When everything is positioned and written correctly click the check mark to finish.

If the question is a form or map type question that question will automatically appear in the message. Many different journey template questions can be added to one message.

Once adding the questions is complete tap ‘Send’.


If a customer sends a message from the widget while you are not in the provider portal you will receive an email notifying you of the received message. If you are in the provider portal a notification will appear indicating a message has been received.

When you click on the notification in the provider portal you will automatically be taken to the service request with the new message.


-Open service request.


-Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Customer Messages.


-You can identify if Customer Messages is selected by the blue line under Customer Messages.


-Type your customer message.  You can utilize rich-text editing and include web links, images, and videos in the messages to your customer.   

You can also apply canned messages by clicking in the message editor and typing a "~" and selecting one of the available canned messages from the list.  Below is an example of using a canned message.

-Once you have reviewed your message click the blue Send button on the bottom left of the page. As a safety measure you will be asked one more time if you want to send this message to a customer. Click Send when you’re ready to send.


-If you’ve gathered their phone number and/or e-mail this is what the customer will view.

Cell Phone



-Click on the link to view the message.



-Click the blue View Message button to see the message. It will look the same through the phone or computer.

-The customer can type a message in the Write Here box and click the paper airplane to send their message back to us.

-Another option is to send a picture by clicking the paper clip. When you click paper clip you can attach a picture. Once you have selected a photo it will upload and you can add text to the message in the text box..

-As you interact with the customer you will see the customers responses as well as your reply under the message box.