How to Edit a Service Request

Learn how to update journey template questions in the service request

You can make changes to any of the detailed components of a service request in order to create the most accurate bid for your business.  The service request components that you can modify are: journey template answers, primary sales assignee, customer details and insurance details (if applicable).

Accessing the Service Request List

The Service Requests page will be the page you are directed to when you first log into the BidClips Provider Portal.  If you need to navigate to the Service Requests page from the Provider Portal, you can do so by clicking on the 'Service Requests' link from the 'Bid' section of the navigation bar on the left side of the screen:

Navigating to the Service Requests page will show you a list of all existing requests.  

The Service Requests page will display a list of existing requests where you can view details including: the service request number, customer details, customer address, requested service, date of request, status of the request, the primary salesman (if assigned), and the shop.

In order to edit an existing service request,, you will first have to locate the correct request.  For tips on navigating the Service Request page and efficiently locate the request, click here.  

Service Request Details

Once you have located the service request you are interested in modifying, either click on the grid row or the 'view' icon.

Service Request Details

The top of the service request page displays detailed information pertaining to the specified service request. This information includes the: service request number, particular service that was requested, status, request date, lead source, and internal priority of the service request.

Journey Template Answer Updates

In the Journey Template section, you will see a list of all of the journey template questions for the service involved in this service request.  Expand the journey template question sections to see answers already provided for this request.


For example,, expanding the 'Basic Contact Information' question, will show you the customer information already provided:

If you have gathered more information from the customer after the service request was first created, you can update the journey template answers by clicking on the 'UPDATE ANSWER' button.

This will display a 'Select Journey Template' panel where you can update each of the questions on the journey template that you have gathered from your customer to assist in your bid creation process.

Assignee Updates

The right side of the service request shows who is currently assigned to the service request. 


If the service request has not yet been assigned, you will see 'unassigned' here. 


You can change the assignee on the service request by clicking on the currently assigned value.  This will bring up a 'Change Assignment' panel for you to select any member of your sales team.


Click in the 'Primary Sales' field, select the desired team member you would like to assign the service request to and click the 'ASSIGN' button. 


 You will notice the primary sales value has changed. 



Customer Information

Below the assignee you will see detailed customer information.  If the subscribed field is set to "No" that indicates a customer has opted out of receiving BidClips emails. In compliance with SPAM-CAN law, BidClips will not email these customers anymore, and it is best to reach them by phone.


You can easily edit the customer information by clicking on the name, phone number, email, or address fields.  Clicking on each of these values will bring up an 'Update' panel where you can enter the corrected values.


 Insurance Details

If the journey template for the service being requested contains a possible Insurance component, you will see the 'Insurance' section of the service request. 

To add or edit insurance information, click the 'EDIT' button which will bring up an 'Insurance Details' panel where you can enter all of the customers' insurance information.