How to Create a Service Request

Learn the basics of creating a service request in BidClips

Service requests can be created by a member of your sales team in your Provider Portal or they can be created organically by a customer utilizing the BidClips widget embedded into your organization’s website.

Creating a Service Request from the Provider Portal:

You will begin the process of creating a service request by clicking on the 'Service Requests' link of the 'Bids' section of the Provider Portal navigation bar on the left side of the screen:


Navigating to the Service Requests page will show you a list of all existing requests.

 Click the '+ NEW REQUEST' button to create a new Service Request.  This will redirect you to the 'Search Service To Create A Service Request' page.  This page will display service names, shop names, and shop service areas (by zip code).  You can use any of the filters at the top of the page or the search tools at the bottom of the page to navigate to the correct service being requested.

When you locate the desired service, you can either click on the grid row of the desired service or click the 'CREATE' button.  The example described throughout this article will use a windshield replacement as the desired service.  When you click on the desired service row or the 'CREATE' button you will next be directed to the 'Phone Service Request' page.  If at any point, you would like to change the service or the shop performing the service, click the 'CHANGE SERVICE OR SHOP' button located on the top right portion of the page.

 On the 'Phone Service Request' page you will proceed through providing answers to the journey template questions that are designed to assist you in creating an accurate bid.  Throughout the process, you may see Bid Tips on the right side of the screen or within the journey template questions themselves.  Bid Tips can include a combination of text, web links, images, and/or videos.  

Once you have concluded answering all of the journey template questions for which you have answers, you will click in the 'Next Action' field at the bottom of the page.  Clicking in the 'Next Action' field will cause a drop-down list of three options to appear:

  • Submit for Bid:  'Submit for Bid' creates the service request for you or another user to create a bid on at a later time
  • Submit & Prepare Bid:  'Submit & Prepare Bid' creates the service request and brings you to the Bid screen for you to prepare a bid at that time.  Using the 'Submit & Prepare Bid' option will also cause you to be assigned as the Primary Sales associate on the service request.
  • Request Customer to Complete:  'Request Customer to Complete' will send the journey template form questions back to the customer for them to complete at their convenience.


Choose the best option for this service request situation and click the 'SUBMIT' button.

If you have not completed any of the required answers in the journey template and have selected the 'Submit for Bid' or 'Submit & Prepare Bid' options; you will see a warning message at the bottom of the page.


Scroll back up to the journey template questions to see which required fields were not answered and provide answers.


If you have not completed any of the required answers in the journey template and have selected the 'Request Customer to Complete' option; you will see an additional warning message asking you if you want to send the form to the customer without required information completed. 


Click 'Yes' to send the service request form to the customer so they may fill out the required information.

If you have selected the 'Submit & Prepare Bid' option, you will start the process of creating a bid and will see the following 'Create Bid' panel.


If you have selected the 'Submit for Bid' or 'Request Customer to Complete' options, you will see the following screen.


Once the new service request has been created you can either create a new service request by clicking on the 'CREATE NEW SERVICE REQUEST' button or navigate back to the 'Service Requests' page to prepare the bid.

See “Creating a New Bid” for more information on how to create a bid.


Service Request Created from the BidClips Widget

Service Requests will also be created organically through the BidClips widget that is embedded into your website.  Here, your customers will click on the 'New Service', select the particular service they are interested in, a shop that offers the service, and then complete a web version of the journey template for the service.


Once the customer has completed the journey template questions and submitted the request, you can edit the service request or create a bid from your Provider Portal depending on how thorough the customers answers are.